A B O U T   C A T H E R I N E

Catherine is a classically trained vocalist, with a uniquely authentic and personal voice that can be described as deeply stirring, memorable, and angelic. Her latest release, "How Many Angels" captures the clarity and power of the angelic voices we imagine the shepherds heard that night they followed the star.

The daughter of Swedish immigrants, Catherine was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She connected at a young age with the language and rich history of Swedish culture, speaking fluently and singing in Swedish as early as three years old. Admiring her father as he sang the great Swedish hymns in church, Catherine followed in his footsteps, even performing with him in the Seattle Opera.

While studying at the University of Washington, her passion for music led her to the University Ministries "INN" worship team where she was blessed to meet Emmy-nominee Kari Medina who became a dear friend and mentor.  Later, Kari and Catherine worked together leading the University Presbyterian Church worship team, collaborating with another brilliantly talented composer and pianist, Katie Freeze. Catherine and Katie worked, laughed, and performed together at UPC for three years. Katie's compilation of songs written during their time at UPC, titled "These Are the Days," marks an important chapter in their lives.

Early in her tenure at UPC, Catherine met gifted voice teacher and performer Awilda Verdejo, who challenged Catherine to truly connect personally with the emotions and meaning in her material. As Catherine and Awilda refined her skill, her depth and vulnerability as a performer also grew, reflected in the 2000 solo concert and live CD "Seasons of Faith." Since the release of "Seasons of Faith," Catherine has continued to perform while working on "To Be True," an album project about seeking out truth; inviting God to heal and grow us through authentic living. Stay tuned...